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Large Scale Decor

Large Scale Decor

Rooms with tall walls and high ceilings pose a distinct decorating challenge: they must be furnished and accessorized with large scale pieces so that the space is balanced and pleasing to the eye. 
Resist the urge to decorate an oversized room with lots of small items, and you will avoid a feeling of clutter. One or two oversized decorative accents will stand out better and provide the correct proportion.   Pay attention to the relative scale of the items in the room and make sure they relate to each other: big furniture + big accents = proper scale.
Browse our collection of large accents below to help you decorate just such a space with distinction and style.

Large Accents Tall Wall Art
Large scale accessories for large scale rooms
Big scale wall art for large rooms
Oversized Clocks
Oversized Clocks for large wall spaces